Thank God for our Spanish and Greek sons and daughters, thank God for the children of Latin & Hellas.

The real meaning of Latin & Hellas is that I recognize what my talents are, I am content with them, as John the Baptist advised the Roman soldier to be content with his pay, and I use them – not so much to navigate economic globalization in the contemporary world – but for the glory of God.

Yes, I still read The Economist, because it is part of my own package of talents. And it is interesting to note that in two recent surveys (September-October 2006), one on globalization itself and one on global competition for talent, Latin America, or even Europe for that matter, were hardly mentioned, if even at all; in both cases the surveys were dominated by discussions of Asia, led by India and China, somewhat offset by discussion of the United States.

This is perhaps an exciting time to be who were are, when the world does not believe in us.

Just as we ask the question of how we best invest the fruits of our labor, it is also right to ask what is the best use of our talents. For our wisdom tells us that the fate of nations, empires and civilizations is, in the end, petty business. We are not to put our faith in kings. Our wisdom tells us that we should put our faith in God … the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The greatest talent is recognizing that the real value in this life on earth is the human soul, all deserving of love, as your Father loves you in heaven.