I hope I am not losing grasp of my sense of humility if I praise and thank my God for inspiring me to write, even as a petty amateur, of the mystic energy that is faith and the relationship between faith and the soul while in the body, making its way through this earthly life. For it is a fitting crown to be able to write about such lofty matters after a day of hard work. What better way, then, other than through prayer and song, to praise the Lord, the very author of life, through His creative energies, working through the soul, engaged by one whose best God-given talent, as humble as it may be, so to write. So perhaps I can also be forgiven for imitating the flowing, mystic epistolary style of Saint Paul, for it is good and proper to honor the apostles and the fathers of the Church through imitation of their good works. And yet perhaps we of today, as we step into the Third Millennium of the light of Christ in the world, a world still, in the words of Saint John, that does not understand the light, can contribute something useful, can bring new insight, new light into an epoch that has lasted some two-hundred years now, into a world that has slipped in an ions-old heresy, though against the backdrop of an apparently unique set of circumstances, into a world of men of different cultures whose faith is in their greed and in their weapons of mass destruction, whether of modern high technology or ions-old maladies of the soul. That is the earthly world that we are living in, that is the earthly world that we so boldly bring new life into, but we have faith in Jesus Christ, we have faith in the loving energy of the soul, the loving energy that is the instrument of mass creation, yet one field, one soul, one zap at a time.

“ … stable with a flair, five thousand years … “