The day will come when you will be able to dedicate your talents to the greatest pursuit of all which is the praising of God through fine works of art. But the key word in that phrase is work. One either has to be endowed with extraordinary natural talent or work feverishly – or both – to earn the title of true artist and not just pretending to be one as an excuse for laziness or anti-social behavior. For the mature soul is both rational and social. Where, then, is the place for the starving artist, the misunderstood artist? What pretensions to make such excuses! There is also the artist who does an honest day’s work, an honorable job, earning his daily bread like everybody else. Only in few cases and in extraordinary times is martyrdom a requirement of the job, and only if done with the greatest sincerity and on call from God.
But what is the place of the self-appointed martyr, making complaints as if a spoiled child? Because the Lord has endowed us with myriad talents through which we can indeed change our psychological and cultural reality, one zap at a time, in step with the times, making a contribution to the cultivation and the harvesting of the daily bread and reflecting the glory of God for all to see.