Some express praise in the form of song, other in their written prose, and yet others in lyrical poetry like the psalms, and still others in as many ways as the good Lord has dispensed talents. But in any way that you do it, use your finest art as a tool to praise the Lord, in the morning through your articulated prayer – Lord open my mouth and my lips will sing your praise – and in the evening through the fine art of writing if you can.

But whatever your means of expression, be sincere, express the truth, record how you feel about the sovereign Lord, set down, even for a future generation, how you lived on the energy of faith, how you came to know the meaning of what it is that we are supposed to keep, to hold fast to, above all other pursuits, and to fashion all other pursuits into the scope of faith, so that you cultivate the soul and in turn that the soul fulfill its purpose, which is to share in the unfading, unfathomable glory of God. Faith is the seed of the soul and its harvest is sharing in the glory of God.

This is the meaning of our hard work, everyday, this is the meaning of our prayer and our art.

Look at the image, work at the system, discipline and creativity, be the image.

Let even your prayer be a form of art, but without ever letting affectation get the better of sincerity, just as you work hard at pursuing your culture and as your hard work is a form of prayer. Never lose sight of the fact that, in all that you do, you are the soul at work, disciplined and creative, cultivating that field one zap at a time, raising that stable, artistic pyramid longer than any one earthly life, and even longer because we are talking about the sovereign soul, the reflection of the everlasting glory of the one and true sovereign, our Lord God.

Let our pursuit of the sovereign soul, then, in all its dignity, morality and honor, be in harmony with the will of God in all its everlasting glory, radiating the love that is creation itself, working in a disciplined fashion, yet a discipline that is the ultimate creative freedom expressed through work itself, prayer, culture, and art.

Therefore keep this image in mind and in your heart as you go about the business of life so that you may make a good accounting of your soul before the eyes of the Lord.