March 2007

May whatever I do, and whatever may befall me and my family be pleasing in the sight of God. But if He meant, or means, for me to be fruitful on this earth, may I combine engagement in what is necessary for earthly fruitfulness with what is truly God’s purpose in the history of the salvation of souls, one at a time and all together, within the scope of my talents, all of them working in harmony if it be God’s will, and within the scope of that portion of the earth that is allotted, so to speak, to me. For what greater honor can a man have than to build a monument to God, using the resources and talents allotted to him and putting them to work for God’s purpose, both earthly and spiritually, as if we could separate the two.

The most brutal truths are equally our friends as the most beautiful, like the weeds in the wheatfield, though man’s enemy, help us to appreciate the life-giving wheat. And it is within our power to appreciate that!


Like Marcus Aurelius the emperor dreamed of being a philosopher but all he had was his lonely notebooks, so you the common idiot, isolated middle class intellectual dreamed of being a professional artist, all you have are these lonely notebooks, yet count your blessings. When you were very young, an adolescent, you dreamed of being a family man, and after many years of wandering as an erstwhile intellectual over three continents with pretensions of being an anti-conformist artist, you now have the chance to be a real family man. And, who knows, may after twenty years of hard work being a family man, you may yet have a second chance at being a true artist, perhaps gaining even deeper insight into what a true artist is, and paint a real picture of it. Either way, do not let your soul become too caught up in these pursuits, but rather fix yourself on what is really important, which is living in harmony with God’s will.

Never forget the agricultural workers throughout the ages on whose backs we stand. Never forget the tillers of the field, the dressers of the vine, the pressers of the olives, the shepherd and his flock, never forget the food preparers, the makers of our daily bread. If for no other reason you take care of your daily ακολουθία, then do it as the agricultural workers took loving care of their daily charge, the breadmakers the making of daily bread, as immortalized in the words of Christ.

Let us face a reality we are all common idiots; we of today are no better than the agricultural workers in the fields during pre-industrial times, except that maybe we have better teeth. The point of this rhetoric is that today most people are as easily fooled as in any other time by facile notions, cheap propaganda, and outlandish promises.

Do we really make any difference in the vastness of the universe? Isn’t it beautiful to be so insignificant and actually feel it?

Do you think that humanity deserves due diligence, of its own? Put another way, do you think the Lord is disappointed with our greed, of our own free will?

If your philosophy or spirituality is an academic exercise, then it is a dead letter, mere masturbation.

A philosophical or spiritual discipline that is part of our everyday living culture is what is meaningful in human terms, a creative coming together.

And we still stand, eating, drinking, coming together, singing hymns of praise from generation to generation, Latin & Hellas.