Never forget the agricultural workers throughout the ages on whose backs we stand. Never forget the tillers of the field, the dressers of the vine, the pressers of the olives, the shepherd and his flock, never forget the food preparers, the makers of our daily bread. If for no other reason you take care of your daily ακολουθία, then do it as the agricultural workers took loving care of their daily charge, the breadmakers the making of daily bread, as immortalized in the words of Christ.

Let us face a reality we are all common idiots; we of today are no better than the agricultural workers in the fields during pre-industrial times, except that maybe we have better teeth. The point of this rhetoric is that today most people are as easily fooled as in any other time by facile notions, cheap propaganda, and outlandish promises.

Do we really make any difference in the vastness of the universe? Isn’t it beautiful to be so insignificant and actually feel it?

Do you think that humanity deserves due diligence, of its own? Put another way, do you think the Lord is disappointed with our greed, of our own free will?