God assumed enormous risk when He acted for the sake of creative love, knowing full well that the creatures with whom He endowed free will would do other than His will, generating chaos amidst the creation, and yet He also endowed us with the promise of peace through faith in Jesus Christ, His manifestation of community with the human race which is part of His creation, even endowed with free will.

Now, why He did all this, I do not know. But I do know one thing: if we are to be imitators of God, Father and Creator, then we must also assume enormous risks for the sake of creative love, physically, psychologically and spiritually, knowing full well along the path that things will go against our will, even when our intention is to act in harmony with the will of God – because we will be off the mark many times – that there will be chaos, and that we will come face to face with the enemy of man, planting weeds in our wheat field, but also knowing that Jesus gave us the Lord’s prayer and the way to peace.