Thank God that we can achieve peace and prosperity, even in this world, by following His commands and living in the faith, also through the hard work of good men. And all this despite what men call the powers that be. It is days like this that remind us that it is possible to attain to the kingdom within us regardless of the vagaries of this world of men, and this has probably been the case since God breathed life into men’s souls even after some among them, through the exercise of their own free will, decided to go against God’s commands.

The goal, then, as it always has been, is to live the spiritual life regardless of the material circumstances but also in harmony with the material circumstances. If you can achieve this hither or thither, then you can achieve it here and there. The driving force, as it always has been, is discipline and faith, being true to your own nature: if you love mountains, then live in the mountains, both here and there. But, most of all, trust in the Lord, be patient, shimmer with joy in all circumstances in the meanwhile, and He will show the way in the way that manifests His glory, according to His plan, be His instrument, and by doing so, you will also be fulfilled in the best way possible, which is the Lord’s way.