God grant me six days of hard, gainful work, and a Lord’s day of rest dedicated to the praise of His glory and peace to His family of faithful on earth.

Hard, gainful work in the material sense, yes, but most of all gainful in the sense of cultivating the fruits of the Holy Spirit, as an every day, moment to moment occupation, body and soul for as much as the feeble mind can allow, and seeking forgiveness when you fall short, fall into darkness.

For I have understood something about the nature of the soul. Yes, I had read and heard of the teaching before from Orthodox brethren, but through my own experience, nurtured through the reading of Scriptures, I have come to grasp it more firmly.

It is as if the soul is a subtle, sheer organism, even independent of the body but within the body, at least for a time, that seeks the light and to remain in the light in a stable manner, but the soul in the world of men spends most of its time in darkness, and yet seeks the light. And so it traipses through much of its existence flitting, at times wildly, between dark and light, dark and light, light and dark, light and dark, like a string, when loose and suddenly made taut, for a period vibrates wildly back and forth. The eyes of the soul, so to speak, seek the light, but they spend so much time in darkness that when they see the light the energy overwhelms the soul and it flits back into darkness, a seemingly comfortable place because of its entropy and inertia, and so the negation of purposeful energy, mindful effort, and life.

Be not, then, the lazy soul, either loosed in a state of inertia nor taut as if strung up by the will of another, but the balanced soul, the soul at equilibrium that seeks the light and can remain there at peace with itself and within the Uncreated Light.