The mature soul heals itself in all circumstances, between the light and the dark. We know this because Saint Paul, even while his physical body was locked up in the stockade after being flogged, with his heart and mouth he sung hymns praising God, the architect of the soul. On this, then, we should maintain our focus, concentrate our efforts, mind, body and heart, with whatever tools the circumstances provide us with. But in the last instance, the soul is a wealth of being unto itself as God designed it, the helmsman of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, called upon to steer the direction of real work, real love on earth, the material world, as it is in heaven, our spiritual home, working together according to God’s will.

Let the historical record, then, show what I have done, where I have been, but here let us focus on the spiritual journey of the soul, as it flits between light and darkness, endeavoring to discern God’s will, and put it into practice, both as reflected in the record and as felt in the soul’s heart, the very core of one’s person, everlasting, created by God.

If it is God’s will, then, may I enjoy the circumstances whereby I can raise a family independently, under the sovereignty of God, and teach my son that the most valuable relationship is in this God-created life is communion with the Holy Spirit and yet it is our task, in the vagaries of this world, to express that value, to express that faith, the energy of life to the glory of the same God who assigned us the task, according to His good and just purpose.