We could write all day, as we have done for years, about the demise of the golden age middle class of industrialized Europe and North America, in short, the north Atlantic community, but this is no longer a practical matter. What is a practical matter is helping souls.

God and the circumstances in life already provided you with enough philosophical education and the disposition of heart to be as spiritually stable as a sinner, a mere man, can hope to be, so now the practical matter is to put that spiritual stability into the service of others, starting with your wife and son, then, if God grants you the grace, into the service of as many others as is proportionate to your faith and as the circumstances allow.

What a beautiful scene I have in front of me in the Andean mountains, in thrice-domed Cuenca, a rainy sunset over the mountain top, a symphony of sound and color that the likes of Respighi could only hope to imitate.