According to the testament of John, Jesus said to those of faith to ask the Lord in His name and the Lord will give. I ask the Lord to grant that I make a living in a way that I may better serve Him than I do now, maintaining peace and harmony in my family. But obviously to achieve this, to be granted this, I must grow in the faith, I must let go certain securities, or let go hope, the illusion of certain securities and take more risks in proportion with my faith. I also must cease with the idea that I can “buy” my way into an already ideal material and social situation and instead take action to create a new situation that continues, or even re-creates, the spiritual tradition and adopt it to the realities of current conditions. I have stopped studying history. Now is the time to start making history, the new history that is the old history; if necessary, be the first, be the pioneer on whatever frontier, cut a new swathe, but in the spirit of the Tradition, the tradition of the spirit.

I do not know the answer to the following question: in what social environment, in what human community can my talents do the most good in providing for my family and in saving souls?
Perhaps the message from the Lord is that it is not right to only indulge in such wishful thinking as re-creating what I fantasize to be the spiritual feeling, as also expressed through the surviving arts, of the late Roman Empire, mainly because most people do not give a damn or at best they can hardly relate to it.
The real issue is creating the best spiritual environment that we can in the midst off the real situation that surrounds us, and one of the first steps towards achieving this is to set aside the feeling of helplessness that we cannot re-create what we perceive to be the spiritual environment of a by-gone era, without, however, compromising the best of our Tradition and allowing some room for our favorite traditions.

In the words of the philosopher-king, then, stop indulging in dreams of having what you have not, and reckon up the blessings that you do have. Then, once you have accurately measured reality, build upon it for the glory of God both in the world and in the kingdom.