Teach them about bread, wine, and the Holy Spirit. Cultivate within them the Holy Trinity and be humble to partake of the fruits of the earth, bread, the work of our hands, to sustain your heart, wine, the keepsake of the kingdom of joy, to lighten your heart, and oil, the fruit of peace, to shine your face, the essence of your personhood, the keepsake of your soul.

The symbolism by which we come to know our personhood is as real as the material world that surrounds our bodies, the temple of our souls. Therefore, in knowing thyself, as the saying goes, take pains to understand both the symbolism and, to the extent useful to the soul, in proportion with one’s faith, also the substance of the material world.
But, above all, the truth is the most sincere feeling in your heart, what you feel so passionate about that you put it in words and song, so passionate that you participate in the work of the Sovereign Lord.
May the purpose of all your efforts, then, be the attainment of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and discipline, and this is what we mean by bread, wine, and olive oil, the efforts of men of good will to share these things.