(Mt 3:1-6, Lk 3:1-9)

John the Baptist reminded people, as it were, to change their minds, to focus on what is really important, the kingdom of God. Losing one’s mind, then, means losing focus of what is really important.
The first step in changing our minds is to admit that we are off the mark, to admit that we have a problem, to admit that we focus our minds on lesser things, that we are lesser beings than we might otherwise be. Instead, repent and be baptized, do the fruits worthy of the changed mind.

At this point (Jn 1:19-28), men with social power, men with the power to regulate relations among human beings, intervene, men who use the laws of men as their measuring stick, and they ask John, “who are you?” For men with social power who use the law of men as their measuring stick when it is convenient for them to do so also know that there is soul power above their own which socially manifests itself through individuals, and even groups, from time to time which the men in social power perceive as threatening to their own.