(Mt 10:16-31, Lk 21:12-17, Lk 12:2-7)

The context of these passages is Christ’s command to be witnesses of the truth of the soul before men, to be light-bearers. We must navigate craftily among the powers of men as men, ourselves subject to temptation and so to the laws of men, and the power of the soul, which transcends the powers of men. But many men, especially those in positions of social power, will not understand you, they do not understand the light, their souls are impure. Though the aim of the Good News is not social upheaval, but cleansing of the soul, one by one, it can cause social disturbance among men, and such men may take action to control the bodies, including the mouths, of those who bear the Good News.

Do not fear them. We have the duty to express the truth, it is natural and heart-felt. Now, the emperor and the subsistence farmer have the same dignity, and the good emperor knows it. But not every emperor is good.

Again, do not fear those who have social and legal power among men, even the power to put the body to death on earth. Rather fear the power of darkness, the negation of the truth, turning one’s heart and soul away from the will of God, for therein lies death of both body and soul in creation that goes beyond the earth. Do not focus the best of your energies on the petty powers of men on earth, but focus on what is really important and valuable, the truth of one’s soul and its ability to communicate with God who knows you.