(Mt 18:1-5, Mk 9:33-37, Lk 9:46-48) / (Mt 9:42-48, Lk 17:1-2)

We have a responsibility to ourselves and to one another. First, we must have the discipline to overcome even apparent physical discomfit to avoid sin, to avoid attitudes and behaviors that throw our focus off track. Second, we must be humble, each one should realize his place in the creation and – instead of thinking that the creation revolves around him – he should seek to serve others. Real men promote peace amongst themselves. Perhaps the worst sinners are those who take advantage of the humble and attempt to deceive them, to throw their focus off track, those that promote sin.

So the responsibility is great: we must resist temptation to sin from within and from without, and we must reach out to promote peace and to serve others, even those who try to throw us off track, who try to have us join them in their sinful ways. The man who can meet up to these great responsibilities, with a sincere humble attitude, will be greatest in heaven.