(Mt 18:15-20, Lk 17:3-4)

People need to be mature and reasonable with one another in their personal relationships.
The sincere, mature, responsible person of faith should accept the sincere attempt of a divisive fellow, who has lost his way, to change his mind and rejoin the community of the faithful.
If the wayward person cannot be convinced to rejoin the community of the faithful, if the wayward, divisive person cannot attain or maintain the maturity to pursue the fruits of the Holy Spirit, then he is subject to the earthly laws of men, territorial governors and tax collectors.
What men of the community of the faithful can agree to amongst each other, God in heaven will recognize as justice; when men cannot agree to in faith and who then must resort to earthly laws, judge each other and they judge themselves, and so God will judge them by the same criteria.

We must develop maturity in faith so that we can discern God’s will and do the right thing in a heart-felt manner, and in doing so not only transcend the laws of men, which in a very short time proves to be an insignificant achievement, but shape the soul to justice which is the ultimate purpose of our creation.