(Mt 19:16-30, Mk 10:17-31, Lk 18:18-30, Mt 20:1-16)

All those who follow the commandments of God will be sound of soul. The Lord all the time calls on everyone, but in different ways, to set an example, sometimes an extreme example of “perfection”, i.e. giving up all material wealth, and even the closest earthly interpersonal relations, to set an example of the supreme importance of the soul’s relationship with God.

The problem with material wealth is that we risk attaching greater importance to it than we do to our relationship with God; in fact the temptation is great, greater than any one man can withstand on his own.

Regardless of material possessions, the purpose of a man’s life is to do the fruits of the Holy Spirit. A man, even a man with command over material wealth, can change his mind at the last hour, and realize that he is first and foremost a servant of God, in His vineyard, and the man who changes his mind even at the last hour, regardless of his station in life on the material earth, will as much save his soul as the man who changed his mind at the first hour and kept the faith throughout the long day of life on earth, for that is the nature of the soul as God sees fit to create it.