(Jn 5:19-30)

Jesus is both the Son of God and the son of man. His concrete work on earth is the living witness of this interconnection. We have set before us the teaching of soulful living, living in such a way that men focus their energy on the soul. Faith is the key element because, those who live for the body (flesh) are certain to die, while those who live for the soul are taking some kind of risk, but if we choose to cast light on the choice – and we have the freedom to choose – the choice is clear.

In these circumstances, men judge themselves by their faith and their actions. Some seek to destroy, repress or manipulate faith in the soul and pursue the works of the mortal flesh, others willfully live by faith in the soul and seek God’s will and do it. The choice is clear: either, after temporary dillydallying, certain death, or the hope of eternal life, a soul in communion with God, its life in the truth.

What, then, is the soul worth to you? A plate of lentils? It is in this sense, then, that we judge ourselves, sons of men, capable of freely choosing to do God’s will as sons of God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, son of man and Son of God.