(Jn 8-15)

Here the key passages, in order of presentation, are in: Jn 8:1-11, The Woman Caught in Adultery; Jn 8:12-20 Jesus The Light of The World; Jn 8:31-38, The Truth Will Make You Free; Jn 9:35-41, Spiritual Blindness; Jn 12:20-26, Some Greeks Seek Jesus; Jn 12:27-36, The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up; Jn 14:1-14, Jesus The Way to The Father; Jn 15:1-17 Jesus The True Vine.

Great is the responsibility of men who have access to knowledge and the power to act on it, yet do not do the will of God, the fruits of the Holy Spirit. In other words, men are spiritually blind: they assign value to, and place their faith in, the works of the flesh, i.e. material greed and other forms of idolatry. They live in sin, they are servants of sin and, though they should not judge each other, they judge each other according to the laws of the flesh.

Jesus came to teach men of great responsibility, in this world, but they rejected him. Ordinary men, men from outside this particular circle of responsibility, came to seek Jesus, and Jesus responds to all men by “giving up” His life on earth, as a seed, so as to give life, even eternal life.

Jesus the Light, light of men, life, emanating in and from the Word, Λόγος, God, is also the son of man within whom is the kingdom of God; the Light, in whom if men have faith, they become sons of the Light, sons of the son of man, become like children – born again, humble – sons of the kingdom of God, in which house a place is prepared for men who live by faith in the Light, who live according to the Word, men in whom the kingdom is.

It is by following the teaching of Jesus that we produce fruit, the fruits of the Holy Spirit – such as love and joy – that we share in God’s glory.

We can ask for whatever we want, but if we ask to share in God’s work, with a pure heart, it will be granted. The opposite of this is a fruitless existence.