December 2007

Many years to those celebrating Saint Stephen’s day today.

Jealous countrymen accused Stephanos of blasphemy and speaking against Moses. But Stephanos demonstrated to them how men, who are habitually mean-spirited and stiff-necked, rejected not only Moses and the prophets, but even Jesus.

Stephanos brought the mean-spiritedness of hard-hearted, stiff-necked men into the light, and for this they rejected him, just like their own forefathers had rejected Moses, they killed him, just like their forefathers had killed the prophets and they themselves even Jesus.

Men are so twisted that even when they look at themselves in the mirror, they shatter it, shattering their own souls. Yet with their hands and with their words, they build monuments and devise laws, and yet continue to shatter that which would continue to reflect what they really are, until such time as they should change their minds, by water and fire, in truth and in the Holy Spirit.

In the meantime, reverent, God-fearing men mourn deeply.


No man is pure wheat and no man is pure chaff, yet try to be more wheat than chaff, especially the soul.

God’s will is that you discover the light that is within you through your own free will, the essence of creation, that you reflect its intended fruits, and in return you share in eternal life.