Lk 18:1-7

The unjust judge, who had no patience for his fellows, finally did justice for the insistent supplicant.

Imagine what God will do for His chosen ones, for whom He has patience, by virtue of their insistent prayers.

God is patient and He will wait for you to do justice for yourself; then, by virtue of your prayer, He will quickly do justice for you.

Or again, the Lord is patient and does right by us. We have to set our prayers aright, and the Lord will listen to us and make haste to give us what is right.

Right prayer is strongly and deeply rooted in faith. Patience, then, is faithfully waiting for justice, God, waiting for you to set your heart aright, and you likewise for God.

Through the fruits of the Holy Spirit, God and man, in a way, meet each other on equal terms, eyeball to eyeball.

We cannot separate the fruits of the Holy Spirit; they are chained together, as if one molecule.