Parable Of The Unforgiving Servant
Mt 18:26-29

First of all, we must reflect the attributes of God. One of those attributes is patience. One aspect of the patience of God is to be compassionate with men and forgive them their mistakes, forgive them their debts, forgive them their sins.

Looking ahead, knowing what we know about further instances of the teaching on patience, mainly that man must deeply root and endure in the faith in the face of adversity and injustice, it also stands to reason that the Lord is deeply rooted and has faith in His creation, and that He, in some way, suffers injustice (αδικία) when men, of free will, the essence of creation, stray away from His attributes, when, for example, they treat each other with injustice, they fail to be compassionate with one another, they fail to have faith in one another, they fail to forgive one another, they fail to love one another, and, in short, they fail to set their hearts aright.

The penalty for this failure is a sort of prison, ultimately, one of our own making as free-willed creatures.