(Mt 5:5, Mt 11:25-30, Mt 21:5, Lk 6:35, Ja 1:21, Ja 3:13, 1Pe 2:3, 1Pe 3:16, Ro 11:22, 1Cor 13:4, 2Cor 6:6, 2Cor 10:1, Eph 2:7, Eph 4:2, Eph 4:32, Col 3:12, 1Tim 6:4, 2Tim 2:25, Titus 3:2-4)

Gentleness and humility, kindness and mercy, are attributes of God, among the fruits of the Holy Spirit, the pursuit of and perfection in which make men – created in the image and likeness of God – sons of God and heirs worthy of eternal life.

So put into practice the teachings of Jesus, learn from the Lord kindness and humility of heart; this is the lighter and more merciful load than that of any other teaching and idolatry, and you will learn to be light of soul, kind, humble, gentle, merciful, and again, worthy of eternal life.

The Lord himself is kind and merciful, with the kindness and mercy that are eminences of His life-giving love.

The Lord is kind and merciful even to the ungrateful and evil, for it is God’s gift of grace, by His love through Christ, that saves us in faith. Therefore, love even your enemies, the idolaters, because they may receive the same grace of God and change their minds. For God through His kindness and mercy saves the faithful, regardless of their past, purifying their hearts so that we may be heirs of the hope of eternal life.

Gentleness and humility, kindness and mercy, then, are key to putting aside idolatry, to removing impurity, to focusing on the Word and the teaching of God, even subduing knowledge and wisdom to this purpose.

So remember in your dealings with your fellow men, that you too once pursued the works of the flesh, you too were an idolater. Forgive them as Christ forgave you. Be kind to everyone, treat and educate idolaters and those who miss the mark with all gentleness and humility, so that they too may change their minds and accept that same grace of God that saves you.