January 2010

The physical part of creation is an instrument of transformation, therefore do not get caught up in it, rather ride through the transformation spiritually and you will stay with God.

This is a spiritual law. The πάθημα of Christ and our sharing in it, through discipline of the body for example, is part of that law.

The objective, then, is to leave the σάρξ as an empty shell, in as much a dignified manner as possible, while focusing the best of our energies on the spiritual relationship with God, and the straight and narrow path to this objective is the model of Christ, teaching and crucifixion.


1) Discipline yourself, mind and body.

2) Increase your energy (faith) and sharpen your focus.

3) Modeling yourself on Christ, His teaching and crucifixion, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, grow and fulfill your soul in its relationship with God.

Πειρασμός is any experience by which a man allows concern over the material world to come between him and his soul’s relationship with God.

Πάσχω, πάθημα is the experience, even a blood experience, by which a man overcomes temptation and receives forgiveness of sins, with much passion for the soul and its relationship with God.

The suffering that we are concerned with, then, is not some mishap chance experience, but the process by which a man focuses as much of his energy as he can on the soul and its relationship with God; the failure to do so results in greater pain, i.e. death, a state of διάβολος, than the suffering (πάθημα) one experiences during the process of μετάνοια and keeping the faith.

Christ is the living, personal relationship between God and man, Christ is the living theology.

Paul’s job is to teach men of all nations how to perfect this relationship, making each man feel special.