December 2010

God takes a big risk in creating the creation: He introduces and allows free will and a contest of wills.

Why God wants a dynamic creation, I have no idea, it is a great mystery. But here we are and we have His rules of the game.

A free-willed man must ask himself:
1) Does man have a soul?
2) If so, what it is worth?
3) What do we do about it?

Based on the conviction that the soul has value beyond the dynamic creation, that it can achieve theosis, that the Creator has endowed men with free will, but also with faith, the energy of salvation, we believe that the rule of the game is to shape our souls into the image and likeness of God, to shape our souls to justice.

The fallen free-willed angel, Satan, the enemy, the demons, maliciously, cunningly, shamelessly, and mercilessly sow into men’s souls and hearts evil passions and sin, they stimulate the soul into pursuing other than God’s will, the seeds of its own destruction.

Therefore, in this spiritual warfare, in this dynamic unfolding of the creation, God has also endowed men with a natural positive aggressive energy – generally faith, but specifically also a hatred and anger against the enemy – which can be unleashed in its full potential only by uprooting from the soul all self-will: God set the universe on fire; free will can be an obstacle to God’s purpose or a reflection of His glory.

God has endowed the soul with all the tools to negotiate the flames. As you try to discern the will of God, know the enemy and know yourself. The choice is yours, then, whether the soul gets burnt or becomes part of the flame.

Fan the flames, then, of God’s creation.


Basically Stephanos told the leaders of the community that inwardly they were hardened by materialism, their hearts were not transformed, despite being official keepers of the Word of the prophets and God, and that they would not recognize the Word of salvation if it hit them in the face.
So they hit Stephanos in the face with stones, and the stones splintered off his face of an angel into so many pieces, thus spreading the message of the Word to Samaria, Ethiopia, Damascus, Antioch, and to the entire world.