(1 Cor 12-20)

Everything in Creation is available to me, but not everything is for my betterment. Εverything is available to me, but I will not be overpowered by it: food for the stomach, and the stomach for food; but God/Nature will consume them both.

Do not direct your free will to waste the σώμα by consuming it as if it were food, or use it as a machine of consumption, like the stomach. Instead it is an entity that, at least potentially, has an eternal relationship with God, as a marriage bond.

For a time, the σώμα is intertwined with σάρξ. Do not take the σώμα and make it a member of an entity which is hostile to God, by engaging in sexual immorality, for example, by throwing away the energy of salvation on things which are not for the betterment of the σώμα; but if you cling to those things, you will lose up both σάρξ and σώμα to them.

Faithfulness in marriage represents proper use of σάρξ so as to be one in σώμα in spirit with God. Unfaithfulness, throwing away the energy of salvation, turning your back on God, is the worst mistake that you can make against your σώμα, against your spirit, and this is also reflected in what you do with your σάρξ for as long as the two are intertwined.

Your σώμα is a gift from God, the Holy Spirit, not your own, given by the spirit of love, by God’s feeling and creative energy.