Fruits Of The Holy Spirit

(Psalm 107)

Ignorance, rebellion, spite, iniquity, adventurism, arrogance, wickedness and, in short, anything that is harmful to the human soul, and, in a word, evil, lead to hunger and thirst, gloom, affliction, bitter labor, temptation, instability, calamity, sorrow, fruitlessness, and death.

But to navigate those aspects of the Creation which are harmful to the human soul, the Creator provides His counsel, His Word, stability, fruitfulness and, in a word, a straight way, a Narrow Gate, to Himself within you.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever.

Now go see Colossians.

Or, to put it another way, make the deal, make the Covenant with God: accept His counsel, His Word, His laws and teachings, and you will navigate through the vicissitudes of the Creation and, with the power of your faith, the energy of salvation, ride the creative power, the love of God, into His peace and joy, into heaven.


(Jn 15:1-17)

Putting into practice the teachings of Jesus is the way to bear fruit. The Lord will purify those who do so that they bear full fruit, including love and joy, and thereby God is glorified.

(Jn 12:24)

God is glorified when the seeds that He plants produce much fruit. For as great as life is on earth, and it is, greater is the insight that the soul is also a seed in the earthly body, the death of which is necessary to fully bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit, even in the service of one’s fellows throughout the earth.

(Mt 21:34, Mk 12:2, Lk 20:10)

Another example. Because of greed and other forms of spiritual blindness (idolatry), men see a vineyard, but they lack insight: they do not see the kingdom of God.

Men would rather sell their souls for a bunch of grapes, and they are so selfish in their superficial intent that they even habitually kill those who point out that they lack insight.

(Lk 12:17)

Our souls need care, even care from fellow souls. The Lord gives us a chance to care for ourselves and our fellows, expecting them to bear fruit. If not, they will be cut down and their energy transformed into fodder for those who do bear fruit.

(Lk 12:17)

An example of the difference between the sightful and the insightful, the fruits of the earth and the fruits of the Holy Spirit, the idolater and the spiritually mature man.

(Mt 13:24-43)

The Sovereign Lord plants His good seed throughout His creation, including living creatures endowed with free will, the essence of creation, the image and likeness of God. Some will use their will to be disobedient to the word of God, and the insightful and the idolaters grow in the creation together.

The insightful must make the effort to grow deeper roots than the idolaters. On the Last Day, and maybe even before, the Lord will help them, the Holy Spirit, bearing fruit, even energized by the fire fueled with the waste of the fruitless, fruit that matures and souls that shine like the sun (see Preaching of John the Baptist).

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